pepper - ancient spicy

Pepper is not only the oldest used spice but also the most widely used in the world. You can find this spice in any kitchen, but have you ever wondered "Pepper has ever?". Let's explore it!


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Peppers were native to the Malabar coast, which is believed to have been found more than 4,000 years ago and was planted about 1,000 BC.

Expensive spices

At that time the pepper is extremely valuable, so that traders also mix the crust of crustaceans, charcoal and mustard to make a good deal of money. In 1875, the UK Food and Drug Law was enacted to combat the sale of counterfeit and mixed food.

King of spices

Pepper is human as the King of spices as it accounts for one quarter of the world spice trade. Tunisia is the leading country in pepper consumption with nearly 250g per person per year, while Americans consume about 125g per person per year.

Pepper is used as medicine.

Although always appreciated as a special spice, Pepper was used for medical purposes at the first time, it contains a digestive stimulant and sputum. Pepper's hot and spicy taste makes the inner membrane of the nose and throat to drain out a lubricant, which is useful for the respiratory system.

Chasing insects.

Pepper is also used in external ointment to reduce the rash. Black pepper is also effective when used to repel insects, sprinkle a little black pepper will prevent ants, cockroaches, deep ...

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