NATURAL Five Spice Powder

Spices play a very important role to create the balance for the dish as well as attract the olfactory and taste. The roasted, braised, stir-fried or grilled dishes are more special when using the five-spice powder. It helps the dishes have a more eye-catching look, bold and balanced taste.  Along with DH Foods’s leading motto “Delicious taste comes from natural ingredients”, the product’s quality is our top priority. Dh Foods’s Natural Five Spice Powder is a harmonized combination of many natural spices that is safe for health and helps the dish even better.

Especially, saying "No MSG, No Impurities, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives", NATURAL Five Spice Powder is a perfect option for consumers.

Usage Tips:

  • 1 sachet uses for 0.5kg meat.

  • Marinating with spice powder within 30 mins.

  • Use for marinating meat and seafood dishes, fried, grilled, stir-fried dishes five-flavor dishes,...

Weight: 10g.

The product has a nice and convenient display box:

  • 20 sachets/1 box

  • 6 boxes/1 carton

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