NATURAL Beef Stew Spice

Beef stew is a familiar dish in Vietnamese family meals and restaurants. It is normally served with bread, vermicelli, or noodles. The soft beef, its somewhat tough tendons, and delicious smell from spices, assorted vegetables, plus accompanying foods would remind us of such a family dish.

With the main ingredients of beef and vegetables, particularly, the seasonings give characteristic and specific delicious smell and taste to the dish. NATURAL Beef Stew Spice are made from such familiar spices as Annatto, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Star Anise, Fennel, Clove, … all combined in “golden ratio”, helping enhance the dish’s natural characteristic delicious smell, and deep taste. 
Particularly, with criteria of 3-ZERO: “No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives” the product is safe for health, helping maintain the spices’ natural and pure features, so mothers can freely season to their family’s taste.

Usage Tips:

  • 1 sachet uses for 0.5kg meat.

  • Marinating with spice powder within 30 mins.

  • Use for stewed beef. Use for beef, pork, chicken, fried, grilled, stewed, roasted dishes. 

Weight: 10g.

The product has a nice and convenient display box:

  • 20 sachets/1 box

  • 6 boxes/1 carton