NATURAL Chẩm Chéo Meat Marinade

Try to marinate your meat or fish by using this Chẩm Chéo Meat Marinade, your dishes will taste completely different. Chẩm Chéo is a specialty in the Northwestern cuisine. In Thai, Northwestern ethnic people, “Chẩm” means dipping salts or dipping sauces while “Chéo” reflects the blended smell of many spices that combine together. It can be used to marinate or make dipping sauces. 

Dh Foods’s Natural Chẩm Chéo Meat Marinade contains many boldly mountainous spices as Mắc Khén seed, Dổi seed, and familiar spices such as chili, garlic, lemongrass, and ginger. With this product, you will have a stunning meat dishes.

Especially, saying "No MSG, No Impurities, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives", NATURAL Chẩm Chéo Meat Marinade is a perfect option for consumers.

Usage Tips:

  • Use for marinating grilled, fried dishes,...

  • Use in pork, beef, chicken, fish dishes; use for making dipping sauce for boiled meat, fried, grilled dishes; boiled vegetable, ...

Weight: 10g.

The product has a nice and convenient display box:

  • 20 sachets/1 box

  • 6 boxes/1 carton