stir fried beef with dried chili


Beef fillet: 200g
Chilli dry: 10g
Ginger: 1 small
Green bell peppers: 50g
Red bell pepper: 50g
Minced garlic: 1M
Squash: 4 bulbs
Density Powder: 1M
Crab: a little
Cashew, pepper, sugar, cooking oil
Grain seeds
Pickled rice vinegar

Cooking steps
1. Pre-processing
- Garlic half chopped water to marinate, half hold. Ginger sliced ​​1mm edge 2cm. Green bell peppers, red cut square by 2cm. Dried chilli leaves soft. Purple peel, peeled.
- wrap beef loin on mosquito net, beat soft meat, cut cubes 2cm marinated with diced DH Foods, 2m soy sauce, 1M fermented rice vinegar, 1m sugar, 1m garlic juice, low salt, Energy and less edible oil.

2. Fried
Heat the cashew oil, sauteed chillies, ginger and onion and chopped garlic for aroma, add beef to stir fry, add bell peppers in 1 teaspoon seasoning with DH Foods.

3. How to use
Place the beef on top of the cilantro dish and serve with rice.

If you want more spicy you can sprinkle with ground chili or chili powder to make the dish more attractive. Wish you success.

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