Reduce hot spicy taste when eating chili


Chữa cháy khi ăn phải ớt cay

Chilli is not only a good spice, it also helps in preventing heart disease, preventing high blood pressure, increasing resistance, preventing cancer, improving digestion. , must be exposed to chili during processing and even while enjoying sometimes unavoidable burns caused by capsaicin in peppers. To diminish the feeling of hot spicy, today Dh Foods will tell you some tips:

- Sugar is a good way to reduce the stimulation of capsaicin.

- Use beer to inhibit the spicy chili because the beer contains carbohydrates.

- Choose foods that contain starch such as rice, pasta, potatoes, potatoes ... to reduce the taste of the spicy.

In addition, orange peel oil, lemon peel, grapefruit peel, etc. are also used in the case of spicy chilli because it has the effect of reducing the burning immediately.

- Use dark chocolate. Fat in chocolate helps to neutralize spicy taste. Milk chocolate does not work with dark chocolate.

- Use a dairy product such as milk or yogurt. The fact that casein in milk will help capsaicin stimulate the ability to stimulate the fastest and effective. At the same time reduce the associated burns.

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