How has the passion fruit been growing?

Passion fruit is a kind of refresh water or to process a dish, which is both bring a delicious impression.

The origin of passion fruits

Passion fruit can definitely planted by seed, but the productivity is not high, and the ability of prevent from pets are low, so in agriculture, most farmers not pick this one.

People usually get the lemon seed F1 by importing from Taiwan. This is a nursling transplanted by passion fruit bud and the root of a tree. Hence, the tree will be grown better, and the productivity is also higher.

Make a garden-frame for trees

Passion fruit is a type of vine tree, so before planted you should make a garden-frame for trees because it will need a fulcrum to cling on. It depended on the land form that farmer would make a suitable garden- frame.

For instance, for a smooth land, we only need a horizontal frame as gourd or cucurbit frame as usual. However, for those places have a higher slope, the vertical one would be a convenient choice for taking care and harvesting lemon as well.

The model of planting passion fruit

In Tay Nguyen region, passion fruit usually grow as intercropping with coffee, pepper, or even both.

These three kinds of tree not incompatible with each other, so when it is grown together, the benefits also multiples as twice. In the one side, it can make use of the blank for land and space. In the other side, taking care of trees as watering, fertilizer, and lop also bring more effective. As a result, passion fruit has become one of the main forces in planting, which is yielded a high economic value for the citizen.

Dh Foods has been researched and debuted these two new products, with a strange taste, but not less attractive, is inspired from the passion fruit: Nha Trang Passion Chili Sauce and Passion Sweet and Sour Sauce, which is promised and expected to be a trend in sauce market this upcoming duration.

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