How to cook spicy grilled pork ribs

The spicy grilled ribs, soft meat spices seasoning with hot rice is delicious. To make this dish you need to be prepared

Ingredients: (4 people)

- 1kg of ribs
- 1 tablespoon chili powder
- 1 tablespoon chili sauce
- 1 tablespoon chopped fresh chillis
- 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
- 2 teaspoons of vinegar
- 5 tsp soupe ketchup
- 3 tablespoons of fish sauce
- 4 teaspoons of yellow sugar
- 2 small spoonfuls of onion
- Half a bowl of filtered water
- seasoning power
- fish sauce, sugar

How to cook
- Wash the ribs of salt vinegar to get rid of the smell. Then rinse thoroughly with boiling water and boil soft cooked meat.

- Remove the ribs drained and marinated with the ingredients in the first part. To make the ribs soak well, marinate at least half a day, preferably marinated overnight.

Bake at 180 ° for 15 to 20 minutes. Just golden ribs are okay, because when boiled ribs are already ripe.

- The leftover water and ingredients in the marinade are poured into the pot. Add some water and flour to get some paste sauce. Drop white head on the island until you get up the scent. Taste a little fish sauce and a bit of sugar.

- Put the slices on the plate, sprinkle with the sauce and enjoy

This spicy grilled ribs can be used as a main dish in a daily meal, which can also be a snack. Wish you success!

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