Perfect roast chicken drumstick with BBQ sauce


Chicken drumstick: 4 pcs

Cooking Oil

Pepper: 1 tspn

Seasoning powder: 1/2 tspn

Marinated BBQ sauce: 1 tbsp

Tomato sauce: 1/3 tbsp

Minced garlic: 3 tbsp

Cooking steps:

1. Wash the drumstick and remove the bone. Be careful not to tear the skin. Marinate chicken with a little pepper, seasoning powder  and a little oil.

2. Preheat oven at 200 degrees C.

3. The parchment or kitchen foil on the tray, fold the chicken legs, lay the chicken skin down on the roasting tray, put all into the oven in the center.

4. Repeat this process again and then take the chicken out of the sauce, increase the temperature to 250 degrees C and roast more 5 minutes, until the fever turns yellowish brown eye, chicken cooked completely about 10 minutes.

5. Mix all the rest ingredients and cook. After the roast chicken legs are finished, brush the chicken surface and gently turn over the chicken skin (avoid tear the skin), spread the sauce evenly onto the chicken skin and then into the oven Bake for 5 minutes, take out from the oven. 

Surely you will be completely "fall out" when enjoying Grilled Chicken thighs with BBQ sauce !!!

In addition, you will be completely comfortable with the use of BBQ sauce of Dh Foods is not color synthetic and no artificial preservatives, ensure the health of consumers.

Good luck!

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