The New Dh Foods Seasoning Set attracts attention at Foodex Japan and Expo West 2024

Depart for Foodex Japan Exhibition (Japan) 2024
Foodex Japan is the leading food chain in Asia, attracting nearly 2,500 food and beverage companies from more than 60 countries and regions.

This exhibition is an opportunity for Dh Foods to "introduce" its newly launched product set, exclusively for the export market. The most prominent are 2 Goi Cuon Dipping Sauce products with original flavor and curry flavor, not only targeting the Vietnamese community but also introducing potential Vietnamese specialties combined with Japanese dishes in the future.

Dh Foods also offers potential Dipping Sauce products such as Mango Sauce and Kumquat Sauce,... This is a breakthrough in combining tropical fruits with spices (such as fresh chili, heavy cream, oil cashew color,...), creating a harmonious spicy and sour sauce that helps bring out the flavor of fried and grilled dishes.


In addition, to access the Japanese market, which has long been extremely difficult, Dh Foods focuses on preparing production processes, customs clearance procedures and product quality certifications,... ensuring that the fulfillment of importers' orders goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Continue to conquer the Natural Products Expo West 2024 exhibition

After an impressive debut at the Foodex Japan 2024 event, Dh Foods continues its journey to the Natural Products Expo West 2024 exhibition with the goal of conquering the North American market.

This is not the first time Dh Foods has come to Expo West, but the special thing is that this exhibition is exclusively for organic and natural brands.


It can be seen that the US market is no less demanding than Japan with food products in terms of all factors. That is also a big reason why Dh Foods decided to invest in building a new factory, standardizing the production process to meet the needs of importers.

At Expo West 2024 this time, Dh Foods is honored to welcome partners from Canada, Singapore, Korea,... as well as importers distributing products at Wilmart, Costco, Kroger, Trader Joe's systems. ,...


Sincerely thank our Partners and Customers for visiting the Dh Foods booth. See you again at the nearest event!



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