The danger of artificial coloring in food

Artificial coloring is a food additive very harmful to human health, which is a potential cause of cancer, tumors and behavioral disorders in children. Artificial colors exist in many of the products we consume daily, such as candy, soft drinks, spices, canned foods, jams, etc.

Did you know that about 15 million pounds of petroleum-based dyes are used in the food industry each year, despite some known carcinogens or other serious health risks.

According to some statistics, these artificial colorants consist of six colors and are called Risky Rainbow. Let DH Foods know the information and the harms of these artificial colors!

Green # 1 (E133) and Green # 2 (E132): Banned in Norway, Finland, France, studies have shown they can cause brain cancer and inhibit the growth of nerve cells. These colors are found in candy, cereals, soda drinks, sports drinks and pet foods.

Red # 3 (E127) and Red # 40 (E129): Banned in the United States since 1990, they contain pollutants that cause cancer of the p-Cresidine and are thought to cause tumors of the immune system. . In the UK it is not recommended for children, and it is currently banned in many European countries. These colors are found in fruit cocktails, pickled cherries, pomegranates, ice cream, candy, bread ...

Gold # 5 (E102): Banned in Norway and Austria, it contains carcinogenic compounds benzidine and 4-aminobiphenyl. Six out of 11 studies have shown that it causes genotoxicity to cause the genetic material to degrade, making healthy DNA changes. It is found in gelatin desserts, candy, pet food and baked goods.

Gold # 6 (E110): Prohibited in Norway and Finland. Due to carcinogenic compounds similar to yellow # 5, it causes tumors in the kidneys and adrenal glands. It is found in American cheese, pasta, confectionery and carbonated beverages.

According to Rich Food, Poor Food.
Say no to artificial colors and become smart consumers, take a look at the composition of any product you get from shelves at supermarkets, stores, markets ... using natural products. , the product does not contain preservatives or artificial colors to protect the life of your whole family.

Dh Foods' products are "no synthetic color, no artificial preservatives", safe for the health of the users.

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