NATURAL Korean Chili Pepper Powder

The eye-catching deep red color, slightly spicy, aromatic and sweet taste is the result of a careful selecting process from ripe chili peppers, a closed washing-drying process. Dh Foods' Korean Chili Powder is completely natural with "No Impurity and No Synthetic Colors".

Usage Tips:

  • Use in Korean Kim Chi, spicy noodle, tteokbokki.
  • Add a red color or marinate hot pot, stewed, roasted, fried, grilled dishes.
  • Use to improve delicious flavor and color of dishes.

Weight: 45g and 90g


  • Bottles are made from primary PET plastic - ensure health and safety for consumers.
  • The product bottle is sealed with a 5-layer seal film under the bottle cap, the outer shrink film - ensuring absolute product quality.