Occ Om Bok Festival 2018 in Soc Trang - Tra Vinh

Occ Om Bok festival also called Festival of Worshipping the Moon that is the most important Khmer festivals of the year. It will have feature a variety of cultural and sports events, including traditional music and dance performances, traditional games, a food festival, and painting and photography exhibitions.

Besides, Exhibition and trade fair on November 24 to promote tourism and agriculture where visitors and company will meet together. At booth's Dh Foods, you will know about our product such as: Dipping Salt, Sauce and Natural Spices. You also try it and give a lot of big promotion.

See you soon in


Time: 16 - 22/11/2018


1. Tra Vinh City

        Booth: 42

        Address: Ba Om Pond Tra Vinh,  07 Phan Chau Trinh Street,  Ward 1, Tra Vinh City, Tra Vinh Province.

2. Soc Trang City

       Booth: N115

       Address: Nuoc Ngot Lake Exhibition Center, 02 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 6, Soc Trang City, Soc Trang Province.

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