NATURAL Pickled Sweet & Sour Scallion Head

You no longer have to wait until the Tet holiday to enjoy scallion heads as they have now become a common part of everyday Vietnamese family meals thanks to Dh Foods NATURAL Pickled Sweet & Sour Scallion Heads. This product surely stands out in terms of taste, reasonable size, and convenience. Thanks to a modern production line, the product fully retains the original crunchiness of scallion heads while harmonizing their sharp piquancy. The added hint of sourness and sweetness makes this side dish especially suitable for oily food in our daily diet. The warming properties of Sweet & Sour Scallion Heads also help reduce oxidative stress, prevent inflammation, aid digestion and strengthen your immune system.

“No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives”

Ingredient: Scallion Head (50%), Vinegar, Sugar, Chili Pepper.


A great supplement to phở and other types of noodle soup, boiled meat, bánh chưng/bánh tét (types of traditional Vietnamese rice cake), grilled foods and other daily dishes.

Used to add flavors to any dishes.

Once opened, this should be preserved in a fridge and used within 10 days.

Net Wt: 8 oz (220 g)

Drained Wt: 4 oz (110 g)