vegetarian beef roll mushrooms with passion sauce

Just ordinary vegetables but changed the traditional way, the vegetarian beef roll mushrooms with passion sauce has become attractive, delicious and strong flavor, ensuring "expensive" as no other traditional dishes.


bo_lat_cuon_namBò lát cuộn nấm - Món ngon ngày tết

- Veal beef: 120 gr

- Lemon wire: 120 gr, mushroom needle: 50 gr

- Carrots: 20 gr

- Lettuce: 20 gr, purple cabbage: 20 gr

- Butter: 5 gr, flour: 5 gr, green onion: 10 gr

- Spices: salt, sugar, pepper

How to cook

Veal beef washed by cold water, then boil for nine minutes, thinly sliced. Mushroom cutting needles, soaked in salt water. Lemon juice filter.

3 cm lettuce, carrots and purple cabbage cut into yarn. Mushrooms, carrots, cabbage through boiling water, removed to drain.

Spread the beef on the plate, let the mushrooms, carrots, cabbage, lettuce on the inside, roll tight, use the leaves to boiling water to fix the dish.

Make Sauce: Add lemon juice to the pan, add the seasoning, add butter and flour to the sauce, which is fat and sticky. Or you can use Dh Foods passion Sweet Sour Sauce instead of this step.

Arrange each of the cows on the disk and chan sauce around.

Wish you success and have a good spring!

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