The fact behind artificial preservatives

Artificial preservatives are mostly chemicals that are added to foods to prolong the life of the food, to make the food look more attractive, to prevent or slow down the decay and damage caused by For spice products, artificial preservatives are usually available, namely sodium benzoate, also known as sodium benzoate (E211), potassium sorbate, also called potassium sorbate (E202).

The following are the preservatives and their harmful effects:

Sodium Benzoate (E211):

Promotes cancer and destroys healthy cells. It has the ability to block elements of DNA, causing Parkinson's disease and cirrhosis. Peter Piper of the University of Sheffield studied it for 8 years and discovered that it could cause damage to the mitochondria - the energy supply to the cell. Metabolism and oxygen supply energy, and if they lose the disease will attack your body. Some studies have shown that sodium benzoate along with artificial food colors may increase hyperactivity in some children.

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Kali Sorbate (E202):

In a study done in Turkey, potassium sorbate was found to be genotoxic to human peripheral blood lymphocytes (eg, damage to DNA). In addition, storks cause harm such as: allergic reactions, nausea, diarrhea, loss of nutrients in food.

These 2 preservatives are approved for use in the food industry and are safe to use in certain dosages. But they are all chemicals and the body can only partially excrete and the remainder accumulates in organs or tissues in the body. Do a simple calculation, each day your body accumulates a small amount and they can not hurt anything, but today, year after year, year after year, how many small amounts that will be combined like?

None of us can predict what will happen in the next 20, 30 or 40 years and Vietnam has the highest incidence of cancer in the world and according to the experts, there are many causes. , but mainly due to polluted water and food sources containing toxic preservatives.

For food manufacturers, artificial preservatives bring in a lot of benefits for them because they keep the product longer, more eye-catching and more attractive, and last longer. Give the chemical name or symbol or other name or just "Preservative" to mislead consumers.

Gia vị tự nhiên

Use natural and extracted products from nature to protect your health and your family. Especially for spices used in daily dishes, natural spices are not only beneficial for health but also rich in flavor and taste for delicious dishes, add flavor.

Dh Foods' spice products with the criterion of "no synthetic coloring, no artificial preservatives", safe for the health of users.

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