NATURAL Shrimp Salt

Also in the new Natural product line, with the motto of creating good eating habits and protecting consumers' health, Dh Foods brings Natural Tay Ninh Shrimp Salt with “4 NO” criteria. Using Yeast Extract as an alternative to MSG and gives the product the most natural sweet taste.

Usage Tips:

  • Used for dipping fresh fruits, steamed or boiled vegetables.
  • Used to marinate cuttlefish, shrimp and other seafood for roast, fry, stir.
  • Used for seasoning the stir-fried, cooked dishes and soup.

Weight: 110g and 55g.


  • Bottles are made from primary Pet plastic - ensuring health and safety for consumers.
  • The product bottles are sealed with a 5-layer seal film under the bottle cap, the outer shrink film - ensuring absolute product quality - no hygroscopic - prevent clots.