NATURAL Pickled Round Eggplant

Round eggplant has been a common side dish in most Vietnamese meals for generations. However, with the current fast pace of life, it is difficult for a homemaker to have enough time to prepare a delicious jar of pickled round eggplant for the whole family to enjoy.

You no longer have to worry because the crunchy and highly convenient NATURAL Pickled Round Eggplant from Dh Foods will keep your meals delicious every day. Preserved in a modern glass jar and sterilized using cutting-edge technology, the rustic round eggplant has become safer and more hygienic, but it still fully retains its crunchiness and nutrients. The product stands out with its evenly round eggplants that are moderately salty as well as a hint of aromatic galangal, garlic, and chilies, making it a great supplement to any main dishes paired with it in your daily meals.

“No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No Artificial Preservatives”

Ingredient: Round Eggplant (50%), Water, Vinegar (6%), Sugar, Salt, Galangal, Garlic, Chili Pepper.


A great supplement to boiled meat, fresh vegetables, and other daily dishes.

Once opened, this should be preserved in a fridge and used within 10 days.

Net Wt: 8 oz (220 g)

Drained Wt: 4 oz (110 g)