NATURAL Mắc Khén Seed

Mắc Khén (Zanthoxylum rhetsa) is a spice that is quite close to pepper with a mild spicy taste and intense aroma

Mắc Khén is a spice that is quite close to pepper with mild spicy taste and intense aroma. Mắc Khén is also a typical spice of the Northwest Viet Nam and appears in most dishes made by people here. Chẩm Chéo, grilled meat, sauces … all use this easy-to-be-addicted spice.

The completely natural characteristic that complies with 2 criteria “No Impurties, No Synthetic Color” makes Dh Foods’s Mắc Khén Seeds become the first choice to protect your family’s health.

Usage Tip: Used in marinating grilled or fried dishes, or making Chẩm Chéo sauce,...

Note: Mắc Khén Seed should be stir-fried without oil before use to wake up the smell. Possibly grind to serve your needs.

Weight: 30g


  • Bottles are made from primary Pet plastic - ensuring health and safety for consumers.
  •  The product bottles are sealed with a 5-layer seal film under the bottle cap, the outer shrink film - ensuring absolute product quality - no hygroscopic - prevent clots.