NATURAL Húng Lìu Marinade

Hung Liu is found in many roasted dishes in North Vietnam. It has a delicate smell and a characteristic taste, hence easily combined with different dishes, and deemed to be “another version of five spices”. NATURAL Húng Lìu Marinade, when combined with such other North-western spices as Mac Mat (Clausenia indica (Dalz.) Oliv.), and Mac Khen(Zanthoxylum rhetsa), helps enhance delicious smell and taste, adding “mountainous style” to grilled, roasted, stewed dishes, and curries, … Moreover, this seasoning is well known in Roasted Peanut with Hung Liu – a famous food in Ha Noi, with the fatty, delicious, and crispy taste of peanut, plus the seasoning’s characteristic delicious smell and taste, which renders a simple food “more special”.

With the criteria of 3-ZERO: “No MSG, No Synthetic Color, No artificial preservatives”, the product is safe for health, helping the cooks easily season to their family’s taste.

Usage Tips:

  • 1 sachet uses for 0.5kg meat.

  • Marinating with spice powder within 30 mins.

  • Use for marinating pork, beef, chicken...; grilled, roasted, stewed or curry dishes. Use for fried peanut.



Weight: 10g.

The product has a nice and convenient display box:

  • 20 sachets/1 box

  • 6 boxes/1 carton