NATURAL Himalaya Salt Phu Quoc Red Peppercorn Lime Leaf

NATURAL Himalaya Salt Phu Quoc Red Peppercorn Lime Leaf is a blend of Himalayan salt, dried lime leaves, and the Vietnamese renowned Phu Quoc Red Peppercorns. Unlike normal lime leaf salt and pepper which is fine-grained and mainly used for dipping, this spice features medium-sized salt grains, whole-grain peppercorns, and shreds of dried lime leaves packed in a pepper mill with a size adjusting knob. Thanks to this, users can flexibly adjust the output size to suit their varying needs and the dishes they want to pair the spice with. 

Apart from the convenient and reusable pepper mill, ingredients are another highlight of this product. Himalayan salt contains Fe+, which gives it a beautiful pink color, while the warm spiciness and soothing aroma typical of Phu Quoc Red Peppercorns surely create this ingredient’s own charm. The fragrant scent of dried lime leaves, albeit a bit fainter, spreads more strongly and lingers still even after long hours of cooking. For these reasons, the product can be considered a special version of salt and pepper, meeting all criteria for both flavor and color while offering a whole raft of health benefits. Besides its use as an excellent dip for chicken, seafood, and meat of all kinds, this product can also be used in Western cuisines as a sprinkle added on top of or mixed with salads, beefsteak, spaghetti, soup, etc.

This elegant yet highly convenient pepper mill filled with ready-mixed spices can fit in any settings, from your family dining room to a restaurant table. The best thing about this product is that it is completely natural and free of any impurities or synthetic colors that can be harmful to your health.

Use for dipping with chicken, seafood, or meat dishes. 
Use for sprinkling or mixing dishes like salads, steak, pasta, Chicken, Beef, Salmon dishes, Eggs, Soups.

Net Weight: 70g