NATURAL Himalaya Salt Celery Seed Parsley

As part of its exploration of spices, Dh Foods introduces NATURAL Himalaya Salt Celery Seed Parsley - Ceramic Pepper Grinder/Mill, a combination between the world-famous “pink salt”, celery seeds and parsley. Himalayan Salt is rich in Fe+, which gives it an eye-catching pink color while keeping it mildly salty. A taste of this salt takes you on a flavorful journey, from its mild saltiness blended with the typical parsley taste and a bitter hint of celery seeds, to a light yet lingering sweet and aromatic aftertaste; also, the slight addition of spicy chili can help further enhance the flavor of any dish paired with this salt. Another distinctive element of this spice is its eye-catching color scheme, consisting of the pink hue of salt mixed with the reddish tints characteristic of chili and the herbal shade of green. This is going to be not only an excellent spice for dishes such as beef steaks, stews, soups, and potato salads but also a great ingredient for dips and sauces.

Ingredients are mixed in the form of granules or small shreds so that their taste and smell remain nearly intact and for the spices to come out of the pepper mill more evenly upon grinding, thereby ensuring optimal consistency in taste for the dipping salt. Consumers can effortlessly enjoy the salt after a few twists of the durable and reusable ceramic pepper mill, which comes with a size adjusting knob and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. This elegant yet highly convenient pepper mill filled with ready-mixed spices can fit in any settings, from your family dining room to a restaurant table. The best thing about this product is that it is completely natural and free of any impurities or synthetic colors that can be harmful to your health. 

Usage: A wonderful spice for steak, stews, soups, potato salad or making dipping sauces...

Net Weight: 75g