NATURAL Cinnamon Star Anise Cardamom

With their presence in many dishes such as Pho, stews, and curries or various beverages, cinnamon, star anise, and cardamom can be considered “the essential spice trio” in every kitchen. This trio can bring out the flavor of any dish paired with them. There is a small tip that you can lightly fry these spices on a hot pan in advance to release and enhance their flavors. 

NATURAL Cinnamon Star Anise Cardamom is no doubt a convenient combination that can help you cut back on the amount of time and effort spent finding and preparing ingredients. Despite its humble appearance, this product is made of Vietnamese specialty spices and thus is high in quality and fragrant essential oil. The best thing about this product is that it is completely natural and free of any impurities or synthetic colors that can be harmful to your health.

Usage Tips:

  • - Use for cooking "Pho" soup, stewed or curry dishes…, marinating pork, beef, chicken, fish or making cakes. 

    - Use to enhance featured flavor of the dishes.

Net Weight: 25g


  • Bottles are made from primary PET plastic - ensure health and safety for consumers.
  • The product bottle is sealed with a 5-layer seal film under the bottle cap, the outer shrink film - ensuring absolute product quality.
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