NATURAL Chicken Pho Spice

A bowl of Pho noodle with clear, light sweet soup and pieces of chicken which have crunchy crispy skin always fascinates Pho-lovers. 

To create a bowl of Pho that has true Vietnamese flavor, most familiar spices such as ginger, onion, anise, or cinnamon stick… are indispensable.  Dh Foods’s Chicken Pho Spice already prepares all needed natural ingredients following the standard recipe and helps Pho not only taste good but also provide safety for health. Now anyone can easily cook Pho at home to treat the whole family. Adding more chopped green onions or lime leaves will help Pho taste even better.

Usage Tips:

  • 1 pack uses for 2 liters of water
  • Stew 1 kg of chicken meat with 2 liters of water, until the meat is well-done (about 1 hour), take out the chicken separately.
  • Put all spices in a filter bag. Put the spice filter bag in the stew pot, add water to have 2 liters in the pot, cook for 1 hour. Season to taste.

Weight: 20g

The product has a nice and convenient display box:

  • 12 sachets/1 box
  • 4 boxes/1 carton


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