Cook a great BBQ grilled dished


Thoroughly fry the fat in the meat, divide it into small pieces or sprinkle with boiling water ... these are the tips to help you have delicious grilled dishes. On holidays or weekends, friends or family often organize outdoor BBQ parties or picnics. Here are some tips to help you make delicious and grilled dishes.

What is BBQ?
The full name of this barbecue is Barbecue. This is a form of outdoor grilling, usually raw materials such as beef, lamb, pork ... or marinated vegetables seasoned to grilled on charcoal or to the oven.

To be safe while baking, it is always best to place the oven on a stable surface so that the oven does not fall over.

- Good or not, it depends on the ingredients used for cooking. Often used in charcoal, some cases such as barbecue party in the home baking power is also many people choose.

There are two kinds of charcoal grilled: grilled directly on charcoal and roasted through foil. However, traditional grilling is still baked directly on the grill with charcoal.

- Before grilling you should carefully filter fat, for minced meat should add a little flour to prevent the generation of harmful substances. Divide the ingredients into small pieces and cook them a few minutes before baking. This can reduce the amount of HCA (carcinogens) in the food.

- When baking, flip your food quickly, keep food at a level that can reduce the amount of HCA lowest, and be smart not to burn.

- In addition to the tinned meat package, you can add a layer of foil on the grill, note the hole on the foil so that the fire does not rise too much, and this will help you limit the amount of fat that drips into the charcoal. hot, food will not burn.

Cleaning and preservation of grills
- All ovens must be cleaned after use. Blisters or grills always hold a layer of grease and oil while grilling. Therefore, oven cleaning is one of the things to keep in mind when using the oven. The simplest is using warm water to clean the grill. There are more ways you can refer here.

- Preservation: You only need to lightly sweep up the blisters with a layer of oil before storing it to prevent rust.

- After baking, the ash or firewood needs to be completely cooled so that there is no fire or explosion, then put the ashes in the sandbags to the right place.

Notes when using materials
- Grilled dishes often use coal, gas or electricity. Note, you should never bake on fire because they will burn the food is not good.

- You can use firewood to charcoal. Remember to let the charcoal pink for food on the grill.

- If you do not have the experience of making marinated or grilled sauce just BBQ Dh Foods, ensure that the barbecue is delicious and attractive.

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